Parent support and involvement is a crucial part of our club, and an important part of growing and maintaining player confidence. We require all NRFC parents to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Code of conduct

  1. Support the children  – all children. This includes your own child, your child’s teammates, and the players on the opposing team. 
  2. Encourage good sportsmanship by showing respect for your child’s teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials. 
  3. Be a positive role model by demonstrating good sportsmanship yourself, on and off the field. 
  4. Focus on your child’s efforts and personal improvement, rather than wins and losses. 
  5. Respect the rules of the game and the decisions of the officials.
  6. Do not use foul language or engage in inappropriate behavior at games or practices.
  7. Do not engage in any behavior that would distract from the game or put players at risk of injury.
  8. Remember that your child is participating in soccer for fun, not to please you.
  9. Encourage your child to always do their best and to treat others with respect, regardless of the outcome of the game.

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